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Large 10 Stick Bag - $12.10/pc
Escrima Stick Bags - Large
  • Large Bag – Deluxe imported heavy-duty, water-resistant black polyester cloth with red trim canvas case holds 8 – 10 fighting sticks. The deluxe bag has 3 additional outer pockets with adjustable shoulder carrying strap. Black with red trim approx 32"long x 5"wide x 3" deep. Blue or Red. Price is per piece.

Small 2 Stick Bag - $5.10/pc
Stick Bags
  • Small Case - Deluxe imported canvas case holds 2 fighting sticks with adjustable shoulder carrying strap. Black, Black with Trim, 31” long x 2.5 “ wide.

    Perfect Bag for 1" Diameter Rattan Sticks.

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